December 2000
20 young lifeguards

 Assistance toward costs of retraining for 20 young lifeguards at Omaha Lifeguard Service.

April 2002
Equestrian Mounted Games

Assistance to attend the Equestrian Mounted Games in Lexington, Kentucky.

February 2006
Shopping at The Warehouse

Young mother having difficulty with finances to clothe children. Met her at The Warehouse and we went shopping together. A very satisfying result.

February 2009
Orthodontic treatment

Funding for orthodontic treatment. Upper and lower braces.

2009 to 2019
Funding numerous new, and reconditioned laptop

Funding numerous new, and reconditioned laptop computers and/or Ipads for students where there was family hardship and, to students with dyslexia to assist in their ability to keep up with their peers. Typing on a laptop is easier than trying to form/write letters/information, by hand.

August 2009
Hardship and abuse

Another application through Homebuilders Family Services, whereby we funded a young lady, who had suffered hardship and abuse, to study a Barista course.

February 2010
Concert in the Park for Eva

Air Force band plus local artists

Nov 2011
Insulin pump for 10 year old girl

Insulin pump. 10 year old girl was diagnosed, at age 4, with diabetes. Required to inject 3 different insulins 5-7 times a day and do blood tests 6-7 times per day. Pump monitors everything automatically and doesn't require student to remove herself from classroom each time. Amount was large therefore KCYT managed a collaboration of organisations to reach target.

August 2015
Support two budding singers

To be tuitioned by world renowned New Zealand Soprano, Anna Leese

Sept 2017
College student selected

College student selected as delegate for the prestigious Global Development Tour run by UN Youth New Zealand. Tour travelled across Europe and New York visiting NGO's, embassies and UN branches exploring the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, and the implementation of them. $4000 toward costs.

May 2019
Bicycle purchase

Bicycle for young son of solo mother with 2 children

Nov 2022
Mother diagnosed with terminal cancer

Mother diagnosed with terminal cancer and had to cease work. Two young sons and financial difficulties. Learning difficulties so KCYT funded extra tuition with Kip McGrath, which showed great improvement.

Mar 2023
Mother mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

This was a second application for the same family we assisted in November 2022, where the mother mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I this instance we funded School Camp fees and Scout camp fees to attend with father.