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We Help Young People with Financial Assistance

Our organisation, Kowhai Coast Youth Trust Inc Warkworth was founded in September 1991, as a result of our concerns for the state of our nationwide welfare system for children.

Our Trust is dedicated to providing support and resources to young people in our community. The Trust’s aim is to financially assist any local young person whose needs could relate to any
area of education, health, cultural or sport.


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What Parents Say 

“The Kowhai Youth Trust are so approachable and easy to deal with, they are sensitive to privacy needs and really want to help where they can. While we appreciate the difference they have made to our students, it is their genuine concern and care for families in our community that we most value them for."

Theressa Butler

Grants Co-ordinator - Mahurangi College

“At the time I was unable to afford the brick club costs of psychologist therapy, due to my situation and I am so very grateful for the help of the Kowhai Coast Youth Trust to get this across the line for our family. It was the start of a life changing journey for all of us.".



“The Kowhai Coast Youth Trust has been absolutely fantastic for my daughter – it has enabled her to continue with her piano lessons, which she really loves. Music is such an integral part of life and when she plays what she has learnt, she just lights up. It is giving her more self confidence which is just wonderful. I am truly grateful for their help.".



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